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Mediation and Coaching

Trade dispute mediation

Practical experience has taught me about the potential for conflict between trading partners. At the same time, long-term business relationships are extremely important, especially since it can be difficult to find new trading partners in the organic market. Possible conflicts must be resolved in order to ensure a fruitful continuation of the cooperation. A process of mediation can promote a deeper mutual understanding between the parties and enable them to develop a successful cooperation in the future.

As a trading intermediary in the organic industry, I speak the same language as the conflicting parties. I have provided active support for European companies on both the sales and purchasing side through my many brokering activities. When supporting my clients through the entire delivery process, I am able to draw on many years of experience in matters of complaints and conflict resolution.

I am keen to share my wealth of experience in the industry. Following intensive training in 2012 until 2014, I can now apply these methods as a mediator as well as employing a number of different coaching methods.




Through my training and my extensive coaching experience, I am able to offer individual coaching in specific disputes as well as on general issues relating to both personal development and corporate or departmental management.

If you would like to work on particular corporate issues in combination with your personal goals and opportunities please do not hesitate to contact me!