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General Information about Business Mediation

What is Business Mediation and why do I offer this service?


Business mediation is a process aimed at conflict resolution.
One objective is to reach a mutual understanding and, therefore, the ability to resolve the conflict through constructive solutions and agreements.
Once the mediation process has been successfully concluded, the conflicting parties have the chance to resume a good business relationship.

The mediator has no decision-making powers, which is one of the main differences between mediation and arbitration. He or she acts as a moderator in the discussions between the parties, guides the process of conflict resolution, supports the reconciliation of interests and is committed to neutrality and confidentiality.

Mediation is an extra-judicial process that relies on voluntary participation and can be terminated by either party at any time. It does not preclude the option of further legal proceedings.

The mediation process offers the best chance for the fundamental settlement of a dispute. To that end, it works towards maintaining the business relationship and often leads to improved or increased cooperation in the long term.

Unlike the legal and arbitration processes, mediation takes place in a confidential setting. It reaches a conclusion sooner and with fewer costs, and in the best cases results in a win-win situation for both parties.