Working Methods
  • Cooperation
    Long-term partnerships that satisfy all sides are a particular feature of our work. It is therefore crucial for us to agree in principle the key corporate goals and market presence of our customers and suppliers. In this way we create a basis of mutual trust for our consultancy and mediation services and for the creative implementation of assignments. Many of our business partners have been using our services since I founded my company in 1997.
  • Partnership
    Through our intervention, our customers and suppliers often get to know each other personally. They choose to use our services because they value our experience, our loyalty and our discretion, as well as appreciating our networking and problem-solving skills.
  • Conflict Management
    We understand the requirements of our business partners, even where there are different cultures at play. In the event of disputes, we always mediate with the aim of achieving a mutually acceptable solution that brings the best results for both sides.
  • Quality for a growing organic market
    We aim to make a positive impact on the market by imposing a consistent quality policy, and to work with our partners to promote and strengthen the organic market. We are strongly committed to the organic concept and do not deal with just any company: for us, organic quality is always the top priority. High standards and safety go hand in hand. We do not mediate any conventional product.
  • Commitment to organic agriculture
    Based on my well-founded conviction that organic agriculture is the best large-scale form of agriculture to date for humans and nature alike, I work in an honorary capacity in Germany and Europe for AöL, the German Association of Organic Food Producers - as spokesperson for the Raw Materials working group - and IFOAM-EU group. Furthermore, in my professional sphere I work towards the development of forward-looking models, the expansion of organic agriculture and the promotion of regionalism.