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What form does the conflict mediation process take within the framework of my concept?

Following preliminary talks, I offer a specially tailored conflict resolution process. Depending on the nature of the conflict, one possible method uses individual telephone conversations followed by telephone or video conferencing.

In the case of trade disputes that can only be settled through the presence in person of the conflicting parties, I suggest a mediation process. The legal representatives of the conflicting parties can be invited to attend, if desired.

Naturally, cross-border mediations are also possible. I have been communicating for many years with our business partners in English, French and Spanish. The language to be used in the local negotiations is agreed in each individual case.

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Alexandra Thöring

Phone: +49 (0)4131 244 48 – 0
E-Mail:  alexandra.thoering(at)artebio.de

If you are interested in my service of conflict-mediation, I am happy to send you the certificate of the intense mediation formation I have undergone. Further I can give you closer information about my experience in this field.