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Trade Negotiation / Strategic Purchasing
With our many years of experience in trade and industry along with our personal contacts at the national and international levels, we can offer a wide range of individually tailored solutions:
  • Procurement of organic raw materials and organic semi-finished products. We mediate between farmers, collectors, producers, processors and brands for medium and long-term supplies. Our product experience and expertise covers the entire range of ambient goods.
  • European-wide mediation between firms working with organic raw materials. Here our focus is on the agricultural production of cereals, pulses and oilseeds and their derivates in Germany, France and Spain. We facilitate transparent negotiations between the business partners. All commercial contracts are then closed between the customers and suppliers. We accompany this process with our experience. Upon request, or in cases where languages skills are required, we are able to provide support through the entire process of contract execution.
  • Strategic procurement for the complete raw material requirements of processors. In this we are guided by the corporate structure and the relevant needs of the companies concerned.