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The foundation of artebio – my personal background

ImageA personal profile of Alexandra Thöring

I have been working in the import and export trade since 1988. I was first exposed to my future career through my parent’s import business, which led me on to complete an apprenticeship in foreign trade. In 1993 I returned from a period of time abroad and entered the organic industry, in order to turn my voluntary commitments to environmental groups into a professional involvement in ecological activities. In 1997, at the age of 30, I founded my own company with a view to employing my experience and convictions even more effectively.  

The first official German report on deforestation in 1979 was the initial trigger for my interest in and dedication to environmental policies. In my opinion, the primary task of mankind is to preserve our living spaces and to conserve nature.
In the organic industry I meet and work alongside business partners who act from the same motivation, and I encounter many exciting challenges. My goal is to use my experience and dedication to encourage new and existing environmentally-friendly behaviour. It is very important to me to focus on the ideal of a fairer future for all.

To create direct supply routes and to operate in an advisory and groundbreaking way with organic integrity – this has always been and continues to be my pioneering niche! I am well known in the organic sector as an articulate international trade negotiator and consultant, and now also a conflict mediator, with many industry contacts and a focus on Europe, mainly Germany, France and Spain.

Having completed my professional mediation training, I am now looking forward to finding new ways to contribute to the positive advancement of the organic sector. To that end, I am using my newly acquired skills to complement my many years of coaching experience and to enhance my extensive professional practice.