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Alexandra Thöring - artebio has numerous references from satisfied customers in many sectors of the German and European organic markets. It is an intrinsic part of the company’s relationship with its partners to maintain a level of discretion with regard to our corporate clients.

Due to my working methods and my comprehensive overview I can advise you and support you through your commercial transactions as if I were an internal staff member. At the same time, I offer an objective view of the company and use my expert market knowledge to assist and promote company business.

Our most important customers based in Germany, France, Spain and England since 1997 have included the following types of company:

  • Organic producer organisations - mainly cereals, oilseeds, pulses
  • Organic processors in the area of oil and soya processing
  • Grain mills
  • Organic brands and producers of broad product ranges in the premium segment
  • Entrepreneurs and companies who wish to reflect on their activities - coaching

Image   Speech and Panel discussion in french language
Subject: Revision organic EU law + vison 2030 IFOAM EU
at BIO N'Days conference
Location: Valence, France - April 2016
Image Organic Cooking event
at the AöL General Meeting
Location: Fulda (Germany), October 2014
Image 10-years' celebration of IFOAM EU group, Brussels,
November 2013
Left: Receiving a "certificate of gratitude" from president Christopher Stopes
Right: Birthday present for Director Marco Schlüter and President Christopher Stopes
Image Panel discussion to mark the
10th anniversary of AöL (Association of Organic Food Manufacturers)
Location: Schweissfurth (Germany), May 2012
Image Summary of workshop
results from the IFOAM EU Organic
Processing Conference
Location: Oberursel (Germany), December 2012
Image Moderation of the workshop on
sustainable systems/sustainability,
IFOAM EU Organic Processing Conference
Location: Oberursel (Germany), December 2012
Image Inka Sachse,
Soil&More Impact, Hamburg
Former employee
Image Markus Wolter,
Misereor, Aachen
Former employee