I am passionately convinced of ORGANIC.

I am guided by holistic principles in everything I do, including my organic political commitment.

My partners are market participants who want to create truly organic products.

My company is artebio
arte, of course, means art, and art creates visions. For me, good organic is visionary. And it is an art to make veritable organic.
I capture and work on the respective themes of the organic world in a creative way. In doing so, I can respond flexibly to challenges:
E.g. acting pedantically when necessary and generously when possible.

Since 1997 I have actively accompanied organic companies
In the operational safeguarding of viable supply chains and in the securing of demand and traceability. In the sustainable improvement of their procurement management and distribution. On a regional, European and sometimes global level. From the field to the bag, from the raw material to the branded product, always B to B.
I communicate fluently in German, English, French and Spanish.

My offer - Management consultancy

I support you and your team as a service provider in an appropriate manner.
E.g. in the creation of sourcing strategies.
In the evaluation of your supply chain management.
Even if your own team works with the highest level of expertise, an external view of what you are doing will often bring you further!

My offer - accompanying organic entrepreneurs

I offer coaching, transformation management and support in finding conflict solutions: Internally, and with your suppliers and customers.
Because I know how demanding the task of making really good organic is. And we are all human.
All the more so in the current peak period, which holds both challenges and opportunities!

If you have any question or are interested, please read on, or contact me directly!

Yours sincerely,
Alexandra Thöring