Coaching for path & goal finding

Coaching for individuals

Based on my diverse trainings and my coaching, moderation and consulting experience, I offer individual coaching for specific issues. I also offer coaching on general topics relating to both personal development and corporate or leadership tasks.

Would you like to work around a company or market situation, or on a specific question?

Do you want to verify if a solution to a complex problem reflects fully the overall situation?

Would you benefit from methodological support in the context of your leadership position?

Wenn Sie eine dieser Fragen mit einem vielleicht oder gar ja beantwortet haben:
Zögern Sie nicht, mich zu kontaktieren, um zu besprechen, wie ich Sie unterstützen kann! Coaching-Methoden können für jede mögliche Situation eingesetzt werden!

Coaching methods can be used for every possible situation!

Sometimes already one coaching session can give you the decisive clue. Longer-term or regular coaching can give great support around challenges within a leadership position or during transformation processes!

I also offer all this virtually - I am very practiced in coaching & consultancy via video technology!


Coaching for teams

Group coaching can lead to new motivation and good ideas, as well as to better teamwork. This also works out across departments. In terms of content and timing, coaching for individuals or groups does not necessarily differ.

Often, the implementation of new strategies and the achievement of goals, as well as the organization of work, is significantly improved when the whole team has worked on the issues and ideas. The existing group intelligence is encouraged.

Every individual is important for the company as a whole!

With successful coaching, the time invested leads to more satisfaction within the team and towards the company. This is genuinely important, especially in difficult situations!